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LASIK Surgery New York City, NYC & Lasik Surgery New Jersey

Envision Your Future

For 22 years, Dello Russo LaserVision has been the most popular LASIK practice on the East Coast, with about 150,000 LASIK procedures to date, all performed personally by Drs. Joseph & Jeff Dello Russo. Their vast experience, coupled by investments in the latest technologies, allow Drs. Dello Russo to offer personally customized, pain-free, and effective vision correction to patients in the New York & North Jersey areas. They have led the way for other surgeons nationally and internationally in the evolution and improvement of LASIK surgery. Their numerous radio, television, and newspaper appearances as well as the hundreds of eye surgeons they have trained and educated about LASIK over the past 22 years speak volumes about their unique experience.

All-Laser Custom LASIK Surgery in NYC

Despite their many accomplishments, Drs. Dello Russo insist on maintaining a personal touch with each of their patients. They personally examine and evaluate all prospective patients for free and perform all laser surgeries themselves. Although other centers may advertise a complimentary consultation, it is routinely free only if you are examined by a technician. As a recognized pioneer in LASIK, Dr. Joseph Dello Russo was the first eye surgeon in the world to buy the first LASIK laser in 1987 and subsequently participated in the original FDA research to prove that this technology could eliminate the need for glasses. As you read along, you will become aware of the innovations our doctors have introduced as laser eye technologies have matured and become safer and more precise. If you are looking for the best LASIK surgeons in NorthJersey, Long Island, or New York City (offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn), call us today at 800-393-2273 to see if you are a good candidate for LASIK.

Who Is The Best Candidate For LASIK Surgery?

If you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, LASIK may be the right procedure for you. We have developed an online questionnaire that will allow you to find out if your eye conditions can be corrected with LASIK. For a more thorough evaluation, we invite you to schedule an appointment at one of our four centers in New York and North Jersey. Drs. Joseph and Jeff Dello Russo are committed to personalized care and will help you determine if LASIK or PRK will be effective in your case.

PRK: An Alternative to LASIK Vision Correction

Drs. Joseph and Jeff Dello Russo recommend that some patients who suffer from a thin cornea undergo a different laser eye surgery called PRK. Using the Alcon Allegretto Wavelight EYE-Q 400, they will be able to correct your vision, but healing will take longer than with LASIK. We will check the thickness of your cornea during your initial complimentary consultation and will advise you as to which procedure would work best for you – no cookie-cutter approach!

Revision LASIK Surgery

Data shows that an exceptionally high percentage of patients who undergo laser corrective eye surgery report perfect vision after just one session. However, if you had a LASIK procedure but have not experienced optimal results, Drs. Dello Russo can perform a secondary LASIK surgery to improve your vision. As pioneering doctors in the field, they are often called by other doctors who want to use their expertise to deal with challenging cases. Contact our office to see if you would benefit from Revision LASIK surgery.

Cataract Surgery

With over forty years of experience in performing cataract surgery, Drs. Dello Russo and their staff of cataract experts can help you get rid of cataracts and see clearly again. In a safe and popular procedure at our accredited surgical facility, your clouded lens is replaced with an artificial lens (IOL). We will help you choose a lens that will match your lifestyle and vision needs.