After the Procedure

Once the LASIK procedure is completed:

  • A bandage contact lens will be applied to each eye to stabilize the flaps. You will be escorted to our lounge room where you will remain for about one hour with closed eyes. After an hour, the contacts will usually be removed. On occasion, the lenses will be left in overnight, and you will be asked to return the next day for their removal.
  • You will be asked to return to the office within about 72 hours of surgery.
  • Dr. Joseph or Dr. Jeff Dello Russo or staff will examine & go over some final instructions with you before your discharge.
  • Your driver will then be able to take you home to rest.
  • If you are from out of town, please let our receptionist know where you are staying & leave a local telephone number where you can be reached.
  • One of our staff will give you a cell phone number to be used in emergencies. You are not alone. We are only one call away.

The day after your surgery – follow-up visit:

  • Some patients may be asked to return the day after surgery.
  • DO NOT expect that your vision will be perfect. First, you have to heal!
  • You may need someone to drive you to Dello Russo LaserVision for your appointment although most can drive the next day.
  • DO NOT take a shower or wash your face before your follow-up visit, this is a very common way for patients to unintentionally move the flap.

Dr. Dello Russo or staff will remove your bandage contact lens – PLEASE DO NOT attempt this on your own under ANY circumstance. If the contact lens falls out on its own, DO NOT attempt to replace it. Your follow-up visit should not last more than 5-10 minutes.

Our doctors and staff are always happy to answer any last minute questions you may have!

How to Use Your Eye Drops:

  • Gently pull the lower lid toward your cheek.
  • Place the drop on the inner surface of the lower lid.
  • Close the eye for 30 seconds after installing the drop.
  • Wait approximately 3 minutes in between drops, so that you don’t wash one out with the next drop. (The order in which you use the drops is not important).
  • It is not necessary to use the drops when you are sleeping.
  • You will be given a specific instruction sheet on how to use your medicated drops (Zymar™, Acular LS™ & Predforte®).
  • You will be using preservative free artificial tears quite aggressively at first. The tears will be tapered slowly. Expect to continue use each day for 3 months post procedure.
  • Do NOT be concerned if the drops sting or burn when you put them in. This is normal.

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