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Cataract Lens Replacement Surgery

CATARACT SURGERY is performed by using ultrasound which resolves the lens which is then replaced with an artificial lens. This procedure is referred to as Phacoemulsification, cataract surgery. This same procedure is used for Clear Lens Exchange, for prescriptions which can’t be safely treated with LASIK.

Dello Russo Laser Vision has been closely associated with the New Jersey eye center which provides general eye care including cataract removal. At Dello Russo Laser Vision, we have over 40 years’ experience in helping patients regain visual clarity that has been lost as a result of cataracts. Cataract surgery is a very popular option for many qualifying candidates, and is extremely safe. Cataract surgery is designed with patient comfort in mind. The procedure is essentially painless, and typically takes just 10 minutes to perform. Cataract surgery is also an outpatient procedure. This means that patients are allowed to return home after surgery. Of course, there will be some detailed after care requirements you must follow, but this will all be explained in depth prior to surgery.
Cataract surgery

About the Procedure

At Dello Russo we perform intraocular lens (IOL) surgery for patients suffering from cataracts. The procedure is very effective, and can be specialized in a number of ways to meet your needs. We can provide multifocal, or presbyopia-correcting lenses that will not only reduce the visual opacity caused by cataracts, but also correct other visual errors such as near sightedness and far sightedness.

When you meet with us during your initial consultation, we will fully explain all of the options available with your surgery, and how they can benefit you.

To further assist in patient comfort, we currently have three Dello Russo offices in New York, located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island, as well as one office located in Bergenfield, New Jersey.

The Surgery

When it comes to your surgery day, you should be completely relaxed about the procedure. Our team at Dello Russo will have explained everything to you in detail, including what will happen on surgery day, as well as the appropriate after care required. You will meet with your surgeon one last time prior to surgery, and will have the opportunity to discuss any final questions you may have forgotten to inquire about in your previous consultations.

After any final questions are answered, we will escort you to the pre-surgery room, where we will begin to prepare you for the procedure. This involves applying your freezing and antibacterial eye drops, as well as providing a light sedative, should you wish it.

Once the freezing drops have taken affect, you will be escorted to the surgery room, where your actual procedure will take place. The surgery will take about 10 minutes, and is comprised of a few key steps.

Removal of Cataract

The first step of your cataract surgery is to break up, and remove the cataract from your lens capsule. For this, we make a very tiny incision, and break apart the cataract using gentle ultra-sonic waves.

Once the cataract is ready, it will then be removed from the lens capsule with the lens probe.

Insertion of New Lensnew contact lens

After your cataract is removed, we will insert your new artificial lens where your cataract once was. This will all take place using the same incision point.


Once your lens is in place, we may close the incision with some small dissolvable stitching. However, in many cases this isn’t necessary.

Contact lens

Afterwards, you will be escorted to a waiting room where we will monitor you for a short time, after which you will be permitted to return home.

Remember: You will not be able to drive immediately following your surgery, so make sure to arrange for a driver to take you home.

After surgery, we recommend that patients rest their eyes. Plan to lie down with your eyes closed for at least 2-3 hours.

Follow up

At Dello Russo Laser Vision your care will not end after your surgery. We are committed to ensuring the success of your cataract procedure, and will set up a number of follow up appointments at various intervals to monitor your surgery’s success.

Why Choose Us?


By choosing Dello Russo Laser Vision as your cataract surgery clinic, you can be confident that you are receiving industry leading care across the entirety of your procedure. As a family run and operated business we continue to provide a level of patient attention and treatment quality that is second to none.

Getting you the ocular care that you need is our number one concern, and it is for this reason that we accept most insurance plans, including Medicare. We also offer financing programs, which you can read more about here.

If you’re interested in learning more about cataract surgery and how it may benefit you, please, give us a call. One of our Vision specialists would be happy to meet with you and discuss how Dello Russo can help you to regain the level of vision you once enjoyed.