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Dr. Dello Russo: Health and Beauty

Dr. Dello Russo: Health and Beauty

Along with the freedom from glasses and contact lenses, patients can count on the dedicated Dello Russo’s for freedom from worry.

“The more procedures a doctor has successfully completed, the more confidence a patient can have,” says Joseph Dello Russo, MD, founder of Dello Russo Laser Vision.

He should know. In 1990, the FDA selected him as one of the first surgeons in the country to research and test the new laser technology, and he’s performed almost 165,000 laser surgeries since starting Dello Russo Laser Vision in 1990.

First in the world to purchase a commercial laser used for this surgery, Dr. Joseph Dello Russo is too modest to accept the designation “godfather of the laser,” bestowed on him by Howard Stern.

In 2002, while most surgeons were still using a blade for LASIK, Drs. Dello Russo were the first to introduce the virtually unknown INTRALASE© method in the Northeast. According to Dr. Joseph Dello Russo, creating a corneal flap with a second laser rather than a blade is safer and more precise. With the second laser rapidly becoming an industry standard, Dr. Joseph Dello Russo says that while seventy percent of surgeons still use the blade, he is “confident” that all will eventually switch to the all-laser no-blade LASIK.

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo is proud that his oldest son Jeffrey Dello Russo, MD, is among the practitioners.

Dr. Jeff Dello Russo says that he feels “lucky to be able to race up the learning curve of such an advanced surgical technique,” thanks to his dad’s experience, guidance, and support.

Continuing the legacy of innovation at Dello Russo Laser Vision, in 2003 father and son also introduced the CustomCornea© laser, which offers completely individualized corneal reshaping to help reduce other potential vision problems such as halos and glare.

Over the years, the Dello Russo family name has become a symbol of dedication to sight. Younger son James sees patients in his role as family optometrist, and mom Stephanie runs the office and explains the LASIK procedure to future patients.

Dello Russo Laser Vision is one of the oldest continuously operated family laser eye surgery practices in the country, and they’re always searching for ways to improve – not only through technology, but through their personal touch as well.

“At Dello Russo Laser Vision, you know you’ll be seeing an experienced doctor,” says Dello Russo the elder, “not only for your surgery, but for your evaluation and then every step along the way.”

The most important factor in successful LASIK is selecting a surgeon with a proven track record. “More experience means more knowledge,” says Joseph Dello Russo, MD, “and that translates to better LASIK and better vision.”