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Dr. Joseph Dello Russo

Dr. Joseph
Dello Russo

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo is one of a handful of doctors who in 1990 pioneered all of the present laser industry. No other laser surgeon in the eastern half of the country has performed as much surgery over the past twenty-two years. He introduced most innovations and protocols which make LASIK even safer and more precise. That is why he has been called the “godfather of laser vision correction” by radio host Howard Stern.


Dr. Dello Russo has personally performed 160,000+ laser vision correction procedures, making him among the top three surgeons in the country, consistently every year, according to laser manufacturers.

Since 1990, Dr. Dello Russo has shared his experience with future LASIK surgeons by lecturing at national and international meetings, publishing many articles based on his surgical results, and offering free open seminars in his office where hundreds of present-day LASIK surgeons were trained by him and his son.

Prior to his LASIK career, Dr. Dello Russo played a similar pioneering role in major developments in cataract surgery as one of the leading “laser” cataract surgeons in the 1970s and 1980s; he performed early implant surgeries, introduced the third Yag laser in the nation and established the first ambulatory eye surgery center in the Northeast office – now the standard of care not only for eyes but many other types of surgeries.