Flap Complications

Flap complications:


In the first 2 weeks after your surgery PLEASE DO NOT do the following:

Rub or touch your eyes
Point your face directly at the shower
Put your face under water
Use eye makeup
Squeeze your lids
Play contact sports
Sleep on your stomach
Pick up small children – unless it’s arm’s length
Please sleep with the “goggles” that are provided in your post-operative kit for the first 2 nights. This is done to avoid rubbing the eyes while sleeping.

If you exercise, you may resume all aerobic activities (biking, jogging, etc.) after 3 days. NO heavy weight lifting for 2 weeks. Racket & contact sports may be resumed after 4 weeks. (PLEASE use eye protection).

If your occupation puts your eyes at risk, PLEASE be conscious of using appropriate eye protection.
IF YOU DISPLACE YOUR FLAP you will feel a sensation of pain, notice redness,and see a dramatic change in your vision. INSTILL DROPS IN YOUR EYES & CALL DELLO RUSSO LASERVISION IMMEDIATELY (800-393-2273).

Compare despair
Your two eyes are not the same.
It is important to recognize that you had two different operations, on two different eyes. Do not expect that they will recover at the same rate. After surgery, patients will often look in the distance by covering one eye at a time & compare the two sides. While this type of comparison is useful to a point, it is IMPOSSIBLE for your eyes to be perfectly symmetrical. Just the same way that we all have hand dominance, we all have eye dominance. One eye has a better contrast sensitivity and may even be capable of reading better on the vision chart. This difference is based on your brain and,therefore, is not affected by surgery on your eye. The two halves of your brain are not the same and therefore, neither are your eyes. If you are not sure which eye is your dominant side, think about which eye you would hold a camera up to.

Yes, the Drops May Burn When You Put Them In:

The medicated drops are a real medicine. Think of the temporary burning sensation as a way of knowing the medicine is working. A true allergic reaction to the drops used is extremely rare!

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