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How to Choose the Best LASIK Eye Surgeon in NY and NJ

LASIK surgery has been around for over two decades and despite its transformational role in restoring the normal 20/20 vision of millions of people, there are still plenty of myths and misinformation surrounding the procedure.  It can be confusing and overwhelming to know how to choose the best LASIK eye surgeon in NY and NJ.

Therefore, it is advisable to consult with an experienced, professional eye surgeon who can help you understand the process and determine if you would be a suitable candidate for a corrective eye surgery.The best LASIK eye surgeon in NY and NJ.. James Dello Russo examines New York LASIK Vision Surgery patient

In this article, we will delve into some of the commonly held perceptions about LASIK surgery and attempt to debunk some of the myths or untruths.

MYTH 1: Price Doesn’t Really Matter in a LASIK Surgery
When choosing a suitable LASIK eye surgery practice, there are many things to consider. Pricing is just one of the many factors for consideration when choosing the best laser vision surgery care possible. There are numerous surgeons offering LASIK operations and you might see some aggressive pricing to attract patients. Costs can vary but pricing shouldn’t be what is most important when choosing the best LASIK facility for you.

Too cheap may mean that the facility is compromising on some crucial pre-operative procedures such as maintaining their lasers well to avoid errors and mistakes.  Too costly may not automatically translate into a quality service if they have locations around the country where they need to charge extra to fly their surgeons from state to state to perform the procedures.

When going for your consultation, make sure it is with the actual surgeon who will be doing your laser vision surgery and not just an assistant. You want the confidence of experience and the expertise of the surgeon that will be doing your procedure taking the time to personally meet with you, access your eyes and explain which procedure will provide the best outcome for you personally.

MYTH 2: LASIK Procedure Will Be Successful Irrespective of the Surgeon Performing the Operation
Some assume that a LASIK surgery is a “machine-operation” that will yield the same outcome irrespective of the surgeon doing the operation. However, this is not true. The success of LASIK eye surgery hinges on the expertise and skill of your surgeon.  It’s not about how many machines or office locations they have. It is about YOU. Before you choose any particular eye clinic for the LASIK operation, ensure that you do your homework to determine if that surgeon owns the latest in laser equipment, ask about their laser maintenance program, and how many procedures the specific surgeon working on you has successfully completed.  Dr. Joseph Dello Russo has completed over 165,000 successful laser eye surgeries. Some practices claim that between all of their surgeons they have done many eye surgeries, however, what is important for you to know, is how many the specific surgeon who will be doing your procedure has done.

MYTH 3: LASIK Surgery Might Have Some Adverse Long-Term Effects
There are millions of people who have had laser eye surgery over the past three decades. Patients have little to no discomfort and heal much faster when they choose the right surgeon with the most experience.

To avoid long-term complications be sure your surgeon is personally experienced in at least 165,000 successful LASIK procedures.

MYTH 4: Everyone Can Qualify for LASIK
This is not true. Eligibility for a LASIK surgery depends on a number of factors such as the condition of the cornea of your eye and your health status. LASIK surgery is generally not recommended for patients that have an irregular or a thin cornea, those with eye diseases or those with eye viruses. Poor health can also be a hindrance to your healing after the surgery so the procedure is generally not recommended for those suffering from conditions such as autoimmune diseases and diabetes.

MYTH 5: You Can Go Blind After LASIK
This is probably one of the most pervasive myths around this laser vision surgery. People are queasy about LASIK. When done by the best LASIK eye surgeon in NY and NJ who is an experienced doctor, LASIK surgery is generally quite safe and pain-free.  While there have been serious complications in a small number of procedures, these are extremely rare. A professional eye specialist will review all the risk involved before recommending LASIK laser vision surgery. A good surgeon will review pre-operative LASIK criteria for success before you are recommended as a suitable candidate for the procedure. This helps reduce potential risks. To be on the safe side, the process must be via consultation with your surgeon. Do not accept consultations with any other office staff. You want to talk directly to the medical expert into whose hands you are putting your eyesight into. It is important not to compromise your future eyesight with anyone other than the surgeon.

MYTH 6: The Laser Beams Could Burn Your Eyes
The laser used in eye surgery is generally a “cold laser” and will neither burn nor cause any serious discomfort to the eye.

MYTH 7: You Won’t Need to see an Eye Doctor After a Laser Vision Eye Surgery
You need to continue going for eye check-ups. While your laser procedure has restored your vision with laser eye surgery, you want to be sure to keep your eyes healthy and strong for a lifetime.

Remember to do your research before deciding on the right laser vision eye surgery practice in NY and NJ. Look for one with a long-standing tradition and reputation for high standards and professional ethics. Look at the how long the clinic has been in operation, the number of laser vision surgeries that particular surgeon has completed and their success rates. And, of course, always ask for references before you settle for any particular LASIK facility.

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