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Save on LASIK Cost with a Health Savings Account

Lasik may be the perfect solution for anyone who suffers from poor vision and hopes to throw out their corrective lenses for good. Not sure if you can afford the innovative procedure? Consider paying for LASIK with a health savings account. Using an HSA is a smart way to reduce the cost of Lasik and pay for a substantial amount of the procedure. In return, you can start living a better life with improved vision.

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What Is a Health Savings Account?

An HSA is a tax-exempt bank account that can be set up to pay for certain medical expenses. A person must qualify for an HSA by meeting a set of requirements and typically has a high-deductible health plan. Once the account is set up, an individual can pay for the surgery with pre-tax dollars, and potentially save 20-30% from the cost of LASIK

Every day, NYC eye surgeons see patients use their HSA accounts to pay for LASIK with tax-free money, and by doing this, they are reducing the cost of vision care for life.

How To Pay For LASIK With an HSA

The IRS announced in 2018 new contribution limits for those who have an HSA account. An individual can set aside up to $3,450 per year, and a family can contribute $6,900. The IRS sets limits on what medical procedures can be covered by an HSA. LASIK surgery is an eligible expense.

An individual can fund a health savings account each year, and withdraw contributions set aside to FULLY cover the LASIK eye surgery.

“Use it or lose it?” Nope! One important thing to remember about an HSA is that money continues to accumulate until a person is ready to use it. Contributions will accrue over the years, meaning an individual can use funds from an HSA into retirement.

Plan wisely, and plan ahead. Look into your HSA’s contribution limits and your health care policy. It’s important to take advantage of the funds saved in an HSA.

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Why Choose the Eye Doctors At Dello Russo LaserVision?

Dello Russo Laser Vision continues to be a leader in laser vision correction performing more than 165,000 surgeries. The team of doctors at Dello Russo Laser Vision work tirelessly to provide long-lasting results to their patients in the New York and New Jersey areas.

The team is confident that their ultra-modern technology and innovative practices can improve a patient’s vision for life. Using funds from your health savings account to help cover a LASIK procedure at Dello Russo LaserVision, is well worth the investment.

Most major insurance programs and vision plans are accepted, as well as Medicare. To find out more details on the procedure and using your HSA to pay for LASIK, set up a consultation with a surgeon.

The family-run business wants to help you with your vision goals, and hopes to welcome you into the family.

To learn more about LASIK, contact Dello Russo Laser Vision online or by calling 1-800-393-2273 to schedule a complimentary consultation.