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LASIK eye correction surgery uses advanced laser technology to efficiently and safely address symptoms of blurred vision. Many men and women in Long Island have turned to Lasik as a long-term solution for nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. Laser eye surgery with Lasik is a cut above any other eye correction procedure – not only is it safe and effective, Lasik is also painless, requires only a few minutes to perform, and results often develop within 24 hours of the procedure.

If you are ready to free yourself of contacts, glasses, and other inconvenient and insufficient solutions for blurred vision, LASIK may be right for you. Find out by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Dello Russo LaserVision, the premier Lasik Long Island provider. Schedule online or call (718) 254-9263.

Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) is an FDA cleared method of Laser eye surgery that works by reshaping the cornea, the clear dome-shaped structure at the front of your eye. A properly shaped cornea is essential to clear vision. The cornea acts as a lens that bends and refracts incoming light, focusing it onto the retina located at the back of the eye. The retina consists of light-sensitive cells called rods and cones. Those rods and cones translate light into electrical signals that are sent to and interpreted by the brain.

The majority of vision problems stem from refractive errors in the cornea (imperfections that alter and disrupt the path of light before it reaches the retina.) Nearsightedness/myopia stems from an over-curved cornea. Farsightedness/hyperopia stems from a reverse of that problem: a cornea that’s too flat.

During the procedure, your Lasik Long Island eye surgeon from Dello Russo LaserVision uses a femtosecond laser to create a thin flap in the cornea. The stroma, the underside of the cornea, can then be accessed. Using a cold laser or excimer laser, the surgeon reshapes the stroma with expert precision. For nearsighted patients, the eye surgeon uses the laser to remove tissue from the middle of the cornea, which allows the cornea to lay flatter. For far-sighted patients, the surgeon removes tissue from the outside edge of the cornea, which makes the curve of the cornea steeper. The new, reshaped cornea is better suited at focusing light back toward the retina, which corrects blurred vision. Once the cornea is reshaped, the surgeon replaces the flap and covers the cornea with a temporary bandage contact lens that gives the cornea time to heal naturally. No stitches are necessary.

Before your corrective eye procedure occurs, your eye surgeon delivers a mild sedative and numbing eye drops to ensure that the procedure is comfortable. Both a lid speculum and mild suction is employed to ensure that your eye remains stationary for the duration of the procedure. This might sound unnerving or frightening, but with both the sedative and numbing drops, the procedure is painless and tolerable. For most patients, the LASIK procedure is completed within 10 minutes.

LASIK is the ideal procedure for correcting blurry vision that stems from near or farsightedness or astigmatism. However, not every person who suffers from blurry vision is a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery. As a part of the thorough eye assessment provided at Dello Russo LaserVision, your eye doctor will study your case and determine which solution is best for you.

LASIK might be ideal for you if:

  • You have mild or moderate astigmatism, or near or farsightedness
  • Your corneas have sufficient thickness to perform the procedure
  • Your corneas have the same shape
  • Your pupils are under 8mm in length
  • You haven’t experienced chronic dry eye or eye disease
  • For Long Island patients that are not an appropriate candidate for LASIK, we investigate alternative eye correction surgeries like PRK.

Photo Refractive Keratectomy, or PRK, was a precursor procedure to LASIK. Both PRK and LASIK safely and effectively reshape the underside of the cornea to fix refraction problems and correct blurred vision. The major difference between the two eye correction technologies is the method of access to the stroma tissue.

LASIK uses a laser to access the stroma and is generally preferred because advanced technology provides a less invasive procedure and faster recovery times than PRK.

In comparison, PRK uses a laser to eliminate the topmost layer of cornea cells to gain access to the tissue beneath. The cells that PRK clears away are replaced over the span of several days.

While Lasik is the preferred treatment option of laser vision correction, PRK may be a better solution for patients whose situation makes LASIK less appealing. For instance, PRK might be ideal if a patient:

  • Has unusually thin corneas
  • Has undergone a previous eye surgery
  • Suffers from irregular astigmatisms

The best way for any Long Island resident to determine if PRK or LASIK is the best procedure for them is to schedule a complimentary assessment with the eye care professionals at Dello Russo LaserVision.

LASIK costs in Long Island varies per patient, depending on the technology and procedure employed, and the amount of correction needed for each individual’s vision. We cover LASIK prices in detail during our complimentary consultations at our Long Island office.

In our role as the leading LASIK Long Island provider, we understand just how essential it is that our patients find an affordable solution to their vision problems. If LASIK turns out to be an ideal solution for you, our financing specialist will sit down with you to customize a treatment plan that enables you to achieve all of your laser correction goals at a price that’s affordable for your circumstances.

LASIK is a technique sensitive procedure. Informed patients prioritize skill and expertise when searching for a Long Island LASIK provider and ultimately choose Dello Russo LaserVision for its unparalleled amount of experience, expertise, and dedication to the men and women who have entrusted them with their vision and investment.

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo, a world-class eye surgeon, heads Dello Russo LaserVision. Dr. Dello Russo is known and lauded for his role in the development and improvement of laser eye surgery. Both Dr. Joseph Dello Russo and his son, Dr. Jeffrey Dello Russo, combine their expertise, which springs from three decades of practice and over 165,000 procedures, with an unflinching commitment to every patient’s satisfaction and safety.

We encourage you to learn more about the finest Long Island LASIK treatments available by contacting Dello Russo LaserVision. You can reach out online or call us at <a href=”tel:+17182549263″>(718) 254-9263</a> to schedule a complimentary eye assessment.

Dello Russo LaserVision features several locations to serve individuals in New York and New Jersey. Our Long Island office provides comprehensive eye care services, including LASIK, cataract treatment, and prescription lenses. If you live in or near Long Island, please contact us today and schedule an initial appointment with Drs. Joseph and Jeff Dello Russo. Our Long Island staff is ready to welcome you into the Dello Russo LaserVision family.