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Athletes & Lasik: Professional Athletes Who Underwent Laser Eye Surgery


Athletes & Lasik: Professional Athletes Who Underwent Laser Eye Surgery

Any athlete who suffers from blurry vision knows what an impediment glasses and/or contacts can be to their performance. Glasses easily fall off with movement, fog up when sweating, can’t be worn under helmets, and distort peripheral vision. Contacts can also fall out during competition, vision can fluctuate when the lenses move around, and contacts absorb sweat and sunscreen, obscuring an athlete’s vision. Because of this, some athletes rather deal with less than perfect vision than hassle with glasses or contacts when they compete. Other players choose Lasik to obtain perfect vision, both on the court and off.  Laser eye surgery is a great option for individuals who play sports. Moreover, many professional athletes have improved their game after correcting their vision with Lasik. Read on to find out which sport’s superstars have super sight after Lasik and what type of sports are especially compatible with laser eye surgery.

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What is Lasik?

Lasik is a type of laser vision correction that reshapes the cornea to correct refractive issues, such as near sightedness and far sightedness. Using the most advanced technologies, Dr. Dello Russo, uses his unparalleled experience to provide the best Lasik surgery in NYC. The procedure can be completed in mere minutes, recovery is quick and painless, and improvements to vision can be seen almost immediately.

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Athletes Who Have Gotten Lasik

Lasik may improve eye/hand coordination. That is why many famous basketball players, such as LeBron James and Dwayne Wade have improved their performance after getting Lasik.

In addition, athletes who play outdoor sports who must contend with the elements prefer Lasik.  The New York Times featured two professional baseball players in the article “How Lasik Steadied Two Mets Behind the Plate.” Catcher, Tomas Nido use to wear contacts. He complained that during games his vision blurred during cold weather. When a gust of wind caused his contact to actually pop out while he was catching, Nido decided to get Lasik. Tomas Nido is not the only Met who has gotten Lasik. Two-time All-Star, Wilson Ramos, also got Lasik when he found that issues with his contacts compromised his performance. The New York Times explains, “To combat the wind drying out his lenses and irritating him, Ramos applied drops between innings, especially on days when the wind was blowing hard.” Ramos’ “operation took 40 seconds — 20 seconds on each eye. That season, Ramos batted .307, 78 points better than the previous year, and made his first All-Star Game. ‘Not hard surgery, [it] was quick and easy. Afterward, a couple of drops, go to hotel, take a few pills, sleep for three hours, see difference when you wake up and turn on television,’ said Ramos.”

Other athletes include Tiger Woods and gold medalist swimmer Amy Van Dyken. Lasik is especially helpful for swimmers who cannot where glasses and should not wear contacts due to the danger of eye infections by mixing contact lenses with chlorinated water.

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A Few Considerations

While Lasik usually requires a day or two to recover, swimmers need to stay out of the pool for at least two weeks after laser eye surgery. In addition, Lasik may not be the ideal solution for athletes of high contact competitions, like football, boxing, or any sport where a player may be jabbed in the eye. PRK, which reshapes the cornea without creating a flap, may be a better option in those cases.

Athletes and Lasik

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