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LASIK Near Me: Finding the Best NYC LASIK Provider

LASIK Near Me: Finding the Best NYC LASIK Provider

 When Searching for the best LASIK near me, consider these 5 tips for finding the best eye surgeon in NYC

LASIK surgery can change a person’s vision on life. But it is vital to find a veteran surgeon to perform your surgery. When searching Google for “lasik near me,” weeding through the many choices to find the best LASIK surgeon is well worth the time investment. The skills and techniques that a surgeon uses, can affect long-term results.

To help you in your search for the best lasik near you, consider these 5 tips:

who performs the consultation?

Gaining the trust of a surgeon before a LASIK procedure is critical. Many offices have an assistant discuss the procedure with their potential patients. The doctors at Dello Russo will always consult with you to answer questions. Build a relationship with your surgeon. Make sure they assess your eyes, and discuss the best procedure for your personal needs.

Not everyone is candidate for LASIK eye surgery. Several factors determine who is eligible for the procedure, such as a person’s health status and the condition of the cornea. LASIK is not usually recommended for patients who have an irregular or thin cornea. Those who suffer from an eye disease/virus, an autoimmune disease, or diabetes, are typically not great contenders either. A laser eye surgery evaluation at the offices of Dello Russo, can identify the best treatment for you.

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finding a lasik surgeon near me

Ask your potential LASIK eye surgeon how many procedures they have performed. Experience matters, and not all outcomes are the same. A common myth is that the laser does all the work. The doctors at Dello Russo debunk that myth, and say the procedure is only partly performed by a laser. Do your research, and find a LASIK surgeon who is qualified. Or consider Dello Russo Laser Vision, who have performed more than 165,000 successful eye surgeries.

new and innovative technologies

Dello Russo Laser Vision is a pioneer in the field of laser eye surgery. In 2002, Dr. Joseph Dello Russo, introduced Bladeless LASIK to his NYC patients. Like the name suggests, a blade is not used during the procedure. Instead, an IntraLase laser is utilized. This is ultimately safer, because it gives the surgeon better control, more precision, and it decreases the chance lasik side effects. Bladeless LASIK has become the standard for eye surgeries.

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how much does LASIK near me cost?

When anyone searches “lasik near me” price is usually an important factor they take into consideration. LASIK is customizable, and the price is dependent on a patient’s needs.

Surgeons might offer pricing that looks enticing, but do not fall for cheap rates. This could mean the facility is not up-to-date, or the surgeon is not using the newest technologies. This may cause issues with your vision down the road. A surgeon, who charges more, does not always translate into quality work.

The team at Dello Russo works with patients to find the most affordable option. There are several payment plans and financing options that can be explored.

the best provider for LASIK near me

Finding a team of surgeons, who exert professionalism and welcome you into their family, is imperative. Feeling comfortable with a surgeon, will give you the confidence to repair your vision for good. After more than 20 years in business, Dello Russo Laser Vision hopes that you decide to make a change, and schedule a LASIK consultation with their team. At Dello Russo, your new vision on life is promised to be a good one.

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Bladeless eye surgery better than traditional eye surgery! Read to find out why

In traditional eye surgeries, a small blade known as “microkeratome “ was used by the surgeons for cutting a flap in the cornea, in order to re-shape the cornea.  But this process came to a halt as with the introduction of bladeless eye surgery. The laser eye surgery is much more precise and takes less time as compared to traditional blade eye surgery.

Bladeless eye surgery

Bladeless laser vision correction is much better and safer than old eye surgery techniques. Several complications are reported in the traditional eye surgery like uneven corneal flap and corneal scarring. The rate of healing and the amount of pain in bladeless eye surgery is very less as compared to traditional surgical methods. Patients with irregular cornea shapes are advised to choose bladeless surgery because using microkeratome is difficult in that cases. With the introduction of laser technique more and more patients are showing interest as they find it safer and easy process. Bladeless lasik eye surgery is one of the best bladeless surgical techniques used around the world so far.

Results after bladeless eye surgery are more effective than the traditional method, as the laser is more precise than blade, also the chances of corneal damage are decreased gradually. As per a survey conducted, people chose bladeless surgery over traditional eye surgery, some of them even freaked out listening about the blade near their eyes. Choosing bladeless surgery also increases the overall health of your eye, which helps in fast recovery of night vision as well. So opting for bladeless surgery will be more beneficial, pain less and less time taking process for you.