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How Laser Surgery Can Improve Vision Problems?

Laser eye surgery can help with vision problems, but it is important to understand that every case is different and must be evaluated on an individual basis. For the uninitiated, the cornea works like a lens to focus on the light entering the eye retina, and LASIK uses laser to reshape the cornea to correct vision. LASIK is the short form oflaser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. Today, many clinics offer affordable laser eye surgery, and here’s what you need to know but eye conditions that can be corrected with the procedure.

  • Myopia. If you have a steep cornea, the light will not focus on the retina as required, and therefore, the distant objects may seem blurry. Laser eye surgery can correct the same by reshaping the cornea to a flatter position.


  • Hyperopia. If you have an excessively flat cornea, the light will focus on images at a certain point that’s beyond the retina, due to which the near objects may seem kind of blurry, and this can be corrected with laser.


  • This is related to the shape of the cornea. If the cornea shape is altered, the images viewed many not be focused together to form a single image, and as a result, the images can be blurred. Astigmatism is usually related to either myopia or hyperopia.


  • Presbyopia. This is a condition where the eyes cannot focus on objects that are really close. This is normal with age, and usually, most people over 40 suffer from the problem. Surgeons may consider monovision LASIK for presbyopia.


If you need help with laser vision correction New Jersey, first find a clinic that you can rely on, ask the relevant questions, and get a complete test done to know more. LASIK doesn’t correct cataract or prevent it, which is something older patients should know.