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Lasik side effects

Learn more about LASIK side effects and the best way to ensure you have a safe effective procedure you will enjoy for years to come.

LASIK SIDE EFFECTS | Dello Russo Laser Vision

Millions of people suffer from impaired vision. Many of them who decide to take a leap and consider LASIK, ask the same question; “Is LASIK safe?” It is a great question to ask. Doing you research and knowing what to expect post-op, is important. LASIK is surgery, and finding an experienced surgeon, significantly influences how you feel after the procedure. Furthermore, LASIK side effects can include pain and discomfort and functionality. There are five side effects of LASIK that patients might experience.

LASIK SIDE EFFECTS: slight discomfort

There are risks after every LASIK procedure. A patient might feel uncomfortable 30-45 minutes after surgery. This side effect is all part of the initial healing time. Don’t worry; it will only be a few hours before the discomfort goes away!

The best medicine: sleep. Post-op, you can go home and sleep the pain away. After a few hours of relaxation, the irritation should have improved.

LASIK SIDE EFFECTS: itchy, scratchy eyes

It is not uncommon for a patient to feel itchy or scratchy eyes after the procedure. You might feel foreign sensations for several days after LASIK, but don’t fear, your eye surgeon will provide you with options to maintain your comfort post-op.

Using artificial tears that are preservative-free, is a remedy that patients can use to feel relaxed. Keep refrigerated artificial tears on hand. Cool tears are soothing, and will keep you feeling comfortable during the first few days following your LASIK surgery.


Patients will often feel dryness in their eyes post-op. It is one of the most common LASIK side effects. In rare cases, LASIK may cause the eye’s natural tear production system to become distressed, which causes the sensation of dry eyes. Fortunately, many surgeons, such as Dr. Dello Russo, are using the very best technology to reduce this condition. Using artificial tears for this LASIK side effect can be effective. Your doctor will monitor this part of the healing process during a follow up visit.

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LASIK SIDE EFFECTS: halos and visual fluctuations

Imagine being able to read the 20/20 line or an eye chart without glasses. Most patients are able to achieve this one-day after LASIK. Visual recovery can happen overnight!

Although your vision will improve immensely, it won’t be perfect the next day. The body goes through a natural inflammatory response after any procedure, including LASIK. This can lead to temporary visual fluctuations following your laser eye surgery.

Most patients don’t have many issues with seeing halos in dark places, but a small percentage might experience halos when driving at night. The halos tend to gradually fade.

LASIK SIDE EFFECTS: sensitivity to light

Dust off your finest pair of sunglasses, because you might need them! Another common LASIK side effect, is sensitivity to light. This can last for a few days, but will eventually taper off.


The best way to prevent LASIK side effects is to choose a skilled and experienced surgeon that invests in the latest technologies and techniques for laser eye surgery. Many advancements have been made that significantly decrease LASIK risks and the chance of side effects. Unfortunately not all NYC LASIK providers have invested in these advancements. That is why discerning patients in New York City and New Jersey choose Dr. Dello Russo of Dello Russo Laser Vision. As a pioneer of new LASIK technologies, Dr. Dello Russo provides patients with the safest treatment and most optimal results possible. Find out if LASIK is right for you and get answers to any questions regarding LASIK side effects and risks by scheduling a complimentary consultation with an eye surgeon from Dello Russo Laser Vision. Contact us by filling out an online form or calling
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Dry eyes are a condition that millions of people suffer from. Many will not even consider improving their vision with LASIK, because they believe their dry eyes could worsen. In most cases, dry eyes are caused when a person does not produce enough tears, or the right consistency to adequately lubricate the eye. Read on to learn why older technologies became associated with causing dry eyes after LASIK and how newer technologies greatly diminish this risk and deliver the best vision possible.

What causes dry eyes?

Ultrafine nerve fibers in your eye actively monitor the corneal surface for irritation and dryness. Stimuli of those nerves cause the eye to blink and to secrete more tears. The neurotransmitters also trigger cells on the surface of the cornea to reproduce and divide. If these nerves are damaged, corneal sensitivity may be reduced. As a result, your eye may not know that it needs lubrication, producing less tears then it needs.

In addition, certain medications and environmental factors can lead to dry eyes or dry eye syndrome. Wearing contact lenses, allergies (and their remedies,) or heating and air conditioning systems, could all contribute to the condition. If it is not fixed, it could lead to cornea inflammation, as well as red eyes and painful itching.

Can LASIK aggravate or cause dry eyes

In the beginning years of laser vision correction, dry eyes after surgery was one of the most common side effects of LASIK. During a LASIK eye surgery, a small corneal flap is created to allow access to the deeper layers of the cornea. While creating the cornea flap, some nerve fibers are severed or disrupted, impeding their function and ability to regenerate, leading to dry eyes after LASIK

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However, newer technologies have significantly decreased the occurrence of dry eyes after LASIK.


Eye surgeons recommend patients use lubricating eye drops or other therapies to keep moisture in the eyes following LASIK eye surgery.  As a precaution, your surgeon may give you treatments before the procedure to increase eye lubrication, even if you do not suffer from dry eyes.

However, the best way eye surgeons can decrease the occurrence of dry eyes after LASIK is to decrease disruption of the cell structure when creating the cornea flap. By preserving the cell structure as much as possible, fiber optic nerves are preserved and can more easily regenerate themselves following laser eye surgery.

This is why discerning patients insist their NYC LASIK provider use the latest generation of eye lasers for their procedure. When a skilled and experienced eye surgeon utilizes the best technology and most advanced techniques available, they ensure patients receive the best results possible, with the least amount of side effects possible, such as dry eyes after LASIK.


Dr. Dello Russo, world-renowned eye surgeon and leading LASIK NYC provider, decreases the chance of dry eyes after LASIK by using a gentle laser with highly focused energy for the greatest precision possible when creating the cornea flap. This technique improves the disruption of the orderly orientation of collagen fibers in the cornea. Older LASIK technologies that use an overload of laser pulse energy or poor laser focus from a second laser will create a disorganized collagen next to the flap interface, increasing the probability of dry eye symptoms.

Another innovative technique employed at Dello Russo Laser Vision to prevent dry eyes provides customized LASIK using wavefront mappingof the corneal bed. This high magnification and topographical mapping of the patient’s cornea provides the surgeon with greater precision to preserve vital nerves and cell structures.

Infrared femtosecond lasers over bladed microkeratomes is another advanced LASIK technique that ensures the surface of the corneal bed and undersurface of the LASIK flap are as smooth as possible, a factor proven to be fundamental in preventing dry eyes after LASIK.


The side effect of dry eyes after LASIK can be a fear of the past by choosing a NYC LASIK surgeon that provides patients with the highest standard of care possible by using the most advanced LASIK technology available. That is why discerning patients choose Dello Russo Laser Vision for Lasik in NYC or New Jersey. With unparalleled experienced and a career built around developing and utilizing innovative LASIK techniques, Dr. Dello Russo guarantees his patient’s receive the best results possible. Find out if LASIK is right for you by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Dr. Dello Russo by signing up online or calling (800) 393 2273.

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