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Results demonstrating risk factors associated with Myopia, (Nearsightedness) have been recently studied by investigators in Meinz, Germany, outline a host of newly identified genes and  may be  associated with light processing issues.  The study published in Nature Geneticts, announced  that factors associated with developing myopia, (being nearsighted) may be link to the amount of natural light exposure.  “Send your kids out to play outside for two hours every day.  And it is not just their eyes that will benefit.”  says lead researcher, Norbert Phieffer, lead ophthalmologist, at Johannes Guttenberg, Meinz, Germany.


Dr Jeffrey Dello Russo and Joseph Dello Russo , leading LASIK surgeons in the metro area, commented on this interesting study:  “This study, and other recent findings, demonstrates that we are just beginning to probe, interesting genetic factors about myopia.  A second, interesting study in the UK, sought to evaluate an analysis of over 68,000 people gene variants for nearsightedness with years of education.  This interesting study shows that increasing years of education may increase myopia.”


“There is increasing awareness, by LASIK surgeons, such as myself and my father, and in the academic field that genetics, that associated changes in behavioral trends, may strongly contribute to the large population pool that now are seeking LASIK to correct their vision.”


Drs Jeffrey and Joseph Dello Russo are considered pioneers in laser vision, and have contributed most of the advances in laser vision to the New York metro area.


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blog by Stephanie Waterman, RN