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The Day of the procedure

When you arrive for the procedure:

  • Check in with the front desk.
  • Please read & sign the Informed Consent Form & discuss any questions or concerns with a staff member or a doctor.
  • Check, certified check, money order, credit card, or pre-arranged financing are acceptable methods of payment for the procedure. The center prefers not to be paid in cash. Consider a money order or cashier’s check.
  • If you have ANY questions or concerns about the procedure that have not already been addressed, PLEASE ask to speak with Dr. Joseph Dello Russo or Dr. Jeff Dello Russo prior to your surgery.
  • A laser counselor will explain the contents of your post-operative kit, instructions & medications.

The pre-operative waiting area:

  • Keep both eyes closed as much as possible while waiting to prevent dryness.
  • If you are anxious, we can offer you a Xanax tab by mouth.

First Step – Intralase (Creating your corneal flap):

  • Time for entire LASIK surgery is usually less than 10 minutes for both eyes.
  • If you have any allergy to iodine or shell fish, please tell us before your eyes are cleaned.
  • Once you are brought in to the procedure room, your eyes will be washed/cleansed and prepped for the procedure.
  • Topical anesthetic will be applied.
  • You will be positioned properly under the laser.
  • A lid speculum may be used to prevent you from blinking.
  • The laser procedure takes approximately 10-15 seconds per eye.

Second Step – Wavefront Eye-Q Laser by Alcon:

  • Immediately after the flap is made, the table will swing you under the Wavefront laser.
  • Again, a topical anesthetic & lid speculum will be used to prevent blinking.
  • Dr. Dello Russo will lift the corneal flap.
  • The laser tracker will “lock” on to your eye, and the laser will begin to tick.
  • Your only responsibility while the laser is operating is to STARE DIRECTLY AT THE BLINKING RED OR GREEN LIGHT ABOVE YOU. Your doctor will do the rest of the work!
  • Stopping & restarting the laser during the procedure is extremely common.
  • The actual laser time is generally less than 30 seconds per eye.
  • After the treatment is completed, a bandage contact lens is placed on each eye to protect the flap.

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